Thank You For Your Application

Your application has been received. Thank you for your time and interest in one of our pets.

We are a private foster-based rescue with all our pets fostered in private homes. We are all working full time, fostering, coordinating and transporting... and this is why contact may take time or only be via email at times. We are 100% volunteer so we ask for your patience... our application process takes 1-15 days and works like this.

Each pet has a coordinator (usually their foster) and all completed applications are reviewed by the coordinator. S/he works diligently to screen the applications, call the references, call the applicant to answer questions and ask questions. Then we arrange "meet and greets" with the most appropriate candidates. If your family has been approved and the meet and greet is successful, then we expect you to be ready to adopt... If your timeline will not allow that, you need to let us know.

The coordinator's job is to match a dog/pup that meets your expectations and a family that meets our pup's needs. This is not a first-come first-served operation. We act solely on the interests and needs of our dogs. (It's a tough job.) When you apply for a dog, please realize that other families have also applied. If we choose another family this time, it's not that you are not a great home, it's just that we have to choose just one.

Unfortunately, there is an endless supply of homeless dogs and puppies... so, if not this one, we will find you the perfect match.

While you wait for us, please know the pup/dog you wanted is safe and well loved in foster.

Looking forward to matching you with the dog of your dream 🐾💜



(the volunteer that answers the emails on behalf of Heaven Can Wait Northstar)👍

PS - Another common question is "is there an adoption fee?"  The answer is "Yes, and each dog is different." The fee represents the costs involved in that dog's rescue, pull fees, vetting at origin, transport, vetting here and spay/neuter. The fee is typically $375-475.

If you are able to donate outside of adoption, able to give more, or remember us at a future time, we appreciate any gift you are able to give. We work close to the cuff and every penny goes to the animals.

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