Heaven Can Wait Northstar Dogs is made up of dedicated individuals who believe that innocent pets deserve love and a place to live where they are honored and cared for. No dog or cat deserves to die simply because they do not have a home.

We invite caring people to join us as volunteers and graciously accept help in the form of time and monetary contributions. Heaven Can Wait Northstar Dogs is a 100% volunteer organization funded exclusively by donations. We will work with all rescue groups in hope of finding homes for unwanted animals...

Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue was founded in Brooklyn, New York and is Dedicated In Loving Memory to Michael Human....

Michael adored all animals and was always bringing home strays as a child. As he grew from a wide-eyed innocent and curious child to a loving and caring young man, his desire to help animals never faded. We lost Michael tragically on August 26, 2003. Our lives have been forever changed but we keep his memory alive every day.

I started Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue in memory of Michael. I believe that our souls live on forever but I needed a way to channel this emptiness into something positive that he would be proud of. For every dog or cat that we help, I think of Michael. I know that he is watching over us, guiding us, and we are doing our best to help every rescue in his honor.

Thank you for reading about my son, our rescue, and thank you for supporting Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue New York.

- Ruth Rivero Human, Founder

In Loving Memory