Owner Surrender Confirmation


We received your request for help rehoming your pet.

First, most breeders, shelters and rescues have a contract clause indicating that they need to be informed of any potential rehoming. Please indicate on the intake form how they were contacted, the outcome or why they have not been contacted.

We understand that is a difficult and emotional time for your family. We are a 100% volunteer group that is willing to work WITH you to safely place your pet in an appropriate forever home. Your pet needs to be fully vaccinated and altered prior to placement. We will work with you to accomplish this.

At this time we are not taking owner surrenders into foster. You would need to have safe humane housing for your pet as well as be reasonably available for evaluation, vetting, grooming and potential meet and greet appointments. All of which would be in Rockland County.

There are times we do take an owner surrender into foster, extenuating circumstances or the need for further training or evaluation. We can only do this based only on foster availability. It’s very difficult on your pet to be bounced from home to home.

I have attached an intake form for you to complete with as much detail as possible. We will review the intake, assign a coordinator, conduct a phone interview and an in person evaluation and create a bio/listing. Then we will accept and review applications interview potentail families, home and background checks, arrange meet and greets. There is no predicting how long this process can take. 1-30 days is average.

If you are needing immediate placement of your pet, we are not the right rescue. If you have the ability to safely hold onto your pet or pay for boarding complete the intake form and send a copy of your pets last vaccines and picture when you return the intake form. Please scan and email or fax to 845-623-2328.